Binai Construction 8 - Stage Construction Process

Stage 1 - Preliminary Brief

It all starts with our first contact with you either on the phone or a face to face visit.

At this stage, we aim to understand what you are wanting to achieve, your ideal outcomes, your budget and your timeline.

If you have your own ideas, we'd love to hear about them and if you don't, now worries, we're more than happy to guide you.

Stage 2 - Property/Site Inspection

An experienced site manager from Binai Construction will visit your block and complete a FREE site inspection.  Here we assess your property in terms of: land slope, lot shape, tree and services locations as well as site access for the various trades and delivery of materials.

While were inspecting your site, you might now start to think about fine tuning the design of your new dream home do you want extra rooms, bathrooms, storage areas, outdoor entertaining how about that games room you've always wanted?  This helps us to determine if your site is suitable enough to accommodate your desires.

Naturally, you will fine tune your dream home design with the relevant professionals you've chosen interior designers, architects, landscape architect and so on.

Stage 3 - Preliminary Cost Estimates

Once we have an idea of your scope of work and design and your site inspection completed, we begin the work of compiling the costings for your new home.

We will source accurate and realistic pricing from the various trades who will be working on your dream home.

At Binai Construction, we only work with highly reputable and dependable trades and suppliers we always aim to handover the highest quality workmanship and finishes as well as on-time delivery.

Stage 4 - Concept Designs & Documentation

Having engaged the right suppliers for your dream project, we can now fine tune the concept designs.  We can either do this with you or work with your interior designer, architect or other professional.

We'll also ensure full compliance with local council requirements and land & environment agencies.

Your new home design will be sited on your block and all compliance checks will be carried out to clear the way for your new home build going forward.

And if at this stage you have not yet secured financing (if needed), we will connect you with reputable mortgage brokers who we know and trust to organising financing for our new dream home.

Stage 5 - Council Approval

Once all the paperwork is signed and submitted and financing arranged, we take over with the 'heavy lifting' which includes submissions to council and other professionals who may need to be involved at this stage like structural engineers, architects, landscape designers and so on.

This is also a great time to review your design ideas to ensure we're all in agreement.

The approval process for your dream home is somewhat out of our control and yours so while it's waiting game, Binai Construction will continue to work on aspects of your building and design which are in our control.

Stage 6 - Interior Design & Material Selections

Now the fun starts!

Here we start working our way through the design details.  This is where you get to choose the look and feel of your new dream home.

This includes;

  • Door finishes and fixtures
  • Kitchen finishes and fixtures
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Internal and External Paint colours
  • Light fittings
  • Location & number of power points
  • Window colours
  • Roof finishes
  • External cladding finish (bricks, render etc)
  • Bathroom finishes
  • Flooring options
  • And more!

Stage 7 - Final Tender Document & Construction Agreement

At this stage, we settle on the final tender document and sign the agreement to commence construction which also allows us to secure relevant insurances for your project.

This is usually a formality since we've been communicating with you all along to ensure we're all on the 'same page' for your new dream home.

Stage 8 - Construction, Project Management, Handover

Finally, we are ready to build.

Binai Construction will now have full control of your property to ensure your build runs smoothly and any risks and hazards are managed effectively.

Naturally, you will be updated on a regular basis as to the progress of your build.
And we encourage you to drop by your building site to see how it's going we'll take you on a tour ensuring your safety at all times while on site.

Upon completion of the construction stage, it's time for the handover of your property.

This involves a final handover meeting with you and Binai Construction.

Here you and the project manager from Binai Construction will walk through your dream home with the intention making sure everything is just right including any minor defects that need attention.

You will be handed the keys to your new dream home, along with copies of all your warranty documents.

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