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Binai Construction is an established property development and construction business which is able to realize the potential of sites to provide maximum profit for their client.

Our Development service teams are carefully selected for each specific site and its constraints.

The team consists of the most experienced town planners, architects, consultants, and engineers, working and collaborating alongside our building processes we are able to get even the most difficult project across the line.

Our team will customize the design for your site area maximizing its use while ensuring all development controls are met for a smooth development approval process.

We will lead you through the development process from end to end ensuring you receive the return on investment you are seeking.

Our aim is to understanding your criteria and achieve the best result weather it be for positive cash flow or capital gain on investment.

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The Development Process

Initial Discussions

So, you are looking to take your first steps to financial freedom, congratulations.

In this discussion we will pinpoint your needs, timeline, budget and how we are able to work with it to provide you the best return on your investment.

We allow our clients to pick from a variety of structures to suit their needs whether it be a joint venture structure profit share, fee-based consultancy, or high interest return on capital.

Binai construction has projects on the run where we allow our clients to become part of the journey investing through its high interest return on capital.

Property Acquisition

With our off-market database we are able to source the best development sites, focusing on proximities to public transport and infrastructure.

Due Diligence (The Search for the Diamond in the Rough

During this process we will go through multiple sites and select a handful of potential contenders. Running several reports, concept designs, and feasibility studies to assess project costings, timelines and returns.

Negotiations & Contracts

Our team will negotiate price and terms on behalf of you to the landowner to give the best possible price while still maximizing profit, allowing a win-win situation.

Using this process, we are able to secure longer settlements reducing costs during application process.

Design and Approval Process

We are now full steam ahead, the team will start working in collaboration pushing the design through, providing cost estimates ensuring the design keeps within the feasibility, consultant reports maximizing the outcome of the site and meetings with council for their approval.

We strive to ensure our projects receive approval stage and start presales before we even settle.


Our team will create a marketing package consisting of 3D rendered designs, virtual walkthrough tours, websites and negotiation with specialized presales team and engagement.

All these processes even before the property is even settled!

Construction (Bringing the concept to reality)

Construction process is professional managed by the team, with our systematic project management system we are able to work the project to the timeline and complete it on project budget.

Our approach is to ensure the highest level of build quality on our projects and providing housing for the wider community.

Property Management

Many of our clients wish to sell a part and keep a part of the development, at Binai Construction we understand and can negotiate competitive rates for rental management in conjunction with Binai Construction team services post project completion.

Types of Specialized Development Options

  • Multi Dwelling Construction
  • Townhouses
  • Residential Unit Buildings
  • Affordable Housing
  • Subdivisions
  • Duplex
  • Boarding Houses
  • Dual Occupancy
  • Granny Flats

We have expertise in completion of over 400 projects, ranging from $30,000 to $45 Mil.

Our professionals, licensed tradesmen and insured crew will be working on your project.

We meet with you to provide you with a written cost proposal to complete your project.

We deliver projects on time and budget, but our experience shows that most of our clients extend the contract to get additional works done.

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What Our Clients Say

One of my close friends introduced Binai to me and talked about his great experience in working with Daryoush and Ryan Binai in his house renovation project.

I got several quotes from different builders but when talking to them I had a feeling that they did not really know what the extent of my work was or what the council regulations were et...

Amir T - Riverstone

We have completed over 400 projects, ranging form $30,000 to $50 million in residential, commercial and industrial projects.

We deliver great results for our clients, from design, approvals through to construction.

Our clients have trust in our expertise and our ability to deliver and handover projects on time.


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