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Design, Approval & Construction Process
Building your new home or even a major renovation or addition, just the way you want it – it’s the dream for many Australians. Imagine choosing how many bedrooms and bathrooms, the design/redesign of the living spaces, where to put/add the games/media room and of course, outdoor entertainment – with its own kitchen and dining area. The dream of building your new home, however, can come to a crashing halt once you face the reality of making it happen. Naturally the first step...
17 January 2022
Building on a sloping block of land – a gift or a curse?
When it comes to building your new dream home, it’s fair to say that most people would prefer to build on a flat block of land – after all, there are potentially far less challenges and unforeseen issues to come across. However, there are times where a flat block of land is not an option, primarily because of cost and/or location of the block. So, when you are having to build your new home on a sloping block of land, you immediately have several advantages on your side. The adva...
22 November 2021
Renovate or Knockdown & Rebuild
There comes a time in your home ownership journey that at some point you may need to make one of the following decisions: Move out and buy/build a new home Renovate Knockdown and rebuild Or, possibly, do nothing! The ‘move out and buy/build and a new home’ comes with a big price tag. In addition to the sale price, there are many other costs involved in selling/buying another home.  The current pandemic situation has uncovered an interesting trend – ...
15 September 2021
What type of renovations add value to your home?
The great Australian dream owning your own home what can be better than that? Well, maybe making it even better doing a renovation, doing up the bathroom or kitchen and how about adding an alfresco entertaining area or maybe even a pool! While the possibilities for home improvements seem endless, there is and will be a point where the effort may not actually add any more value. Home improvements (alternations, additions, and renovations) can be expensive. Sure, you can DIY (hit Bunn...
25 October 2020
Waterproofing Explained
The Binai Waterproofing Process Waterproofing is one of the most Important, under rated and overlooked building processes. Did you know that waterproofing costs less than 2% of construction cost but equates to more than 80% of building defects and failures if done incorrectly! The team at Binai Construction are constantly upskilling our knowledge to keep ahead of industry standards and provide our clients the best outcome for their purpose. What is waterproofing and why do I need it...
25 October 2020

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We contacted Binai and the team at Binai  for our first home build. They were efficient, communicative, thorough and a real pleasure to deal with. When we were away he would send us progress reports of works in place and gave input and ideas during the building. He constantly checked in with us to make sure we were happy with the quality ...

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