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Building on a sloping block of land – a gift or a curse?

Posted by Binai Construction on 22 November 2021
Building on a sloping block of land – a gift or a curse?

When it comes to building your new dream home, it’s fair to say that most people would prefer to build on a flat block of land – after all, there are potentially far less challenges and unforeseen issues to come across.

However, there are times where a flat block of land is not an option, primarily because of cost and/or location of the block.

So, when you are having to build your new home on a sloping block of land, you immediately have several advantages on your side.

The advantages of building on a sloping block of land

1.       Stunning views and lots of natural light

Building on a sloping block offers you the chance to maximise both the surrounding views and natural light.

And if you ever choose to sell your home, one of the first things buyers look for are the surrounding views and how much natural light flows into the home.

To advantage of the surrounding views and light, work closely with your builder for the optimum positioning of your home.

2.       Character

In many cases, a flat block of land means a stock standard home design – with the same look as many other homes.

However, having to build on a sloping block requires a little more thought and design, which means the end result will be a home with a positively unique character.

Character benefits include:

Multiple living areas – sloping home designs offer the opportunity to have multiple living areas spread across multiple levels, e.g. bed rooms on the main level, a theatre room on the mid-level and a rumpus/games room on the lower level.

Higher ceilings – having to build on a slope automatically gives you the opportunity to incorporate higher ceilings, again, when it comes time to sell, the higher space in your foyer or entry creates a grandiose atmosphere.

3.       Affordability

Yes, building on a sloping block is not as straightforward as building on a flat block, however, generally, the prices of sloping blocks are cheaper than flat ones.

Which means the money you save on buying your block of land can go towards the build and landscaping costs.

What you need to know when building on a sloping block

While building on a sloping block offers advantages, you also need to be mindful of challenges that you may come across.

Land preparation

Slopes can be in all directions, downward, sideward, upward, or a combination of these.

However, measuring the rise, or fall, of the slope, should only be measured if they are within the building area and not the entire block.

Depending on the angle and the gradient of the slope, you may need to trim the slope to make a flat area, which will be used as the foundation of your new home.

Exposure to nature elements

Building a home on a sloped block of land can expose you to the elements, e.g. wind and driving rain which may lead to wood rot and rusting as well as uprooted trees.

However, with the development of building materials specifically designed for the elements, you can minimise your natural exposure risk.


Drainage on sloping blocks can be challenging compared to homes built on flat blocks.

On sloping blocks, water tends to form ‘pools’ at the bottom of steep elevations, which can then result in further erosion.

Having said this, there is nothing more magnificent than a home built on a sloping block that has taken advantage of the land, views, and light.

Binai Construction has many years of experience in building homes on sloping blocks as well as renovations and alterations.

For a no obligation consultation, contact us on 0404 919191.

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