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Design, Approval & Construction Process

Posted by Binai Construction on 17 January 2022
Design, Approval & Construction Process

Building your new home or even a major renovation or addition, just the way you want it – it’s the dream for many Australians.

Imagine choosing how many bedrooms and bathrooms, the design/redesign of the living spaces, where to put/add the games/media room and of course, outdoor entertainment – with its own kitchen and dining area.

The dream of building your new home, however, can come to a crashing halt once you face the reality of making it happen.

Naturally the first step in building your new home is securing a block of land, and this is a very subjective choice – e.g. location, type of block, the intended purpose of your new home, e.g. upsizing, downsizing etc.

Once you’ve settled on your block of land, the most common question asked by clients is, ‘how long will it take to complete my home?

Unfortunately, there’s no standard answer to this question because there are several steps and factors involved in the process of building your home.

Every home is an individual project, and every client has different requirements.

There are several elements that can throw the timeline out, such as weather, council approvals, client amendments, contractor issues and many more unforeseen circumstances.

Having said this, your best solution is to work with construction professionals who can take care and control of each critical stage of the building process, that is;

  • Design
  • Approval
  • Construction

A professional and reputable construction expert will take ownership of these critical steps which will not only minimise the stress and frustrations of building your dream home, yet also, streamline the entire process.

What is the Design, Approval & Construction Steps?


The design stage typically spans from the initial briefing, until the Development Application (DA) is ready to be lodged with council.

DA’s are required not just for new home builds, yet also major renovations, including additions to your existing home.

At this stage, conceptual and idea sketch designs are prepared for the client.

This is the time to fine tune the look and design of your dream home.

At this stage your builder can work with you direct, or with your interior designer or architect – this process is very much collaborative.

Once the initial design ideas are captured, computer drawings and 3D modelling can be produced to provide a more ‘tangible’ experience, which again is presented to the client for approval and revisions.


Development Application is the next step of the ‘Design process’

The approval and processing times are dependent upon individual council requirements and laws, and, of course, if there are any issues that contravene council regulations.

At this stage, construction documentation will also be prepared in conjunction with your structural engineer, designer, or architect.

Also, there may be toing and froing to finalise various design detail such as fixtures and fittings, architectural finishes etc.

The approval stage involves obtaining approvals for a DA or a Complying Development Certificate (CDC).

The timing for this stage can also be influenced by everyone involved being able to work to the schedule, as well as the client being able to finalise their selections.


Once design and approvals are completed and finalised – now it’s all systems go.

The timeline for construction completion will be dependent on numerous factors, including;

  • Size and complexity of the project
  • Logistics, e.g. building on a sloping block of land 
  • Material availability
  • Unforeseen issues (foundations, soil condition etc)
  • Building in Bush Fire prone land
  • And of course, weather

Binai Construction have over 40 years of experience offering professional construction services, including design, approval, and construction services.

Our 8 Stage Construction process is focused on offering total construction solutions for our clients – design services, managing approvals and naturally, construction.

Contact us for your next new home build, renovation, alteration, addition and even development needs, 0404 919191.

Author:Binai Construction
About: Binai Construction is a design, approval and construction company with the team having more than 40 years of experience offering professional renovation, alteration, addition/extension, upgrading services and property development for both our commercial and residential customers.
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