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Custom Home Builder or Project Home Builder - Which is Better for You

Posted by Binai Construction on 28 April 2022
Custom Home Builder or Project Home Builder - Which is Better for You

Today, more and more people are choosing to build a custom dream home rather than opting for the option of a project home – after all, we have a choice, and who wants to live in a home that looks similar, if not identical, to a house two doors down from you!

A home is no longer just a place to live and sleep in – the home is now an integral part of your lifestyle and personality.

And the options for your new dream house are endless.

  • Entertainment focused

  • Productivity focused

  • Ease of access and movement focused

  • Lifestyle focused

For example, if you are entertainment-focused, your needs may include an outdoor dining area along with an outdoor kitchen and large living areas.

Or, if your needs are productivity-focused, you may look at adding a home office, accessible from a different entry – which is perfect for those who can and have opted for working from home.

Regardless of your needs and desires, a custom-built home could be a much more viable option than a project home (fixed design and minimal layout options).

Choosing a custom home builder could most likely be one of the most exciting (and stressful) decisions you will make. 

Besides cost, location, and design, there are many other considerations. 

First and foremost, clearly understand your needs and what type of house you want. 

If you do so, when you meet with a builder, the planning and design process will be much smoother with less time-wasting.

This brings up the next question, how do you choose the right custom home builder?

How to choose your ideal custom home builder

Choosing a custom home builder who is not aligned with your goals and ideas could be a very costly error – simply because you may never agree on any aspect of your dream home, resulting in delays and increasing costs.

In addition, you may end up choosing a builder who does not have the competence and experience to deliver your new dream home.

Here are some simple tips for choosing the right custom home builder for you.

  • First, please “do your homework” by this, we mean research different builders regardless of whether they are or are not in your area – your initial indication would be Google Reviews. Many people now rely on online reviews to determine how good (or bad) a business is – just think how many times you would have reviewed a restaurant before making a booking.

  • Speak with several builders, don’t just meet with one builder – interview at least three. Understand how much they charge, what their expectations are of you and importantly, how they intend to communicate with you. 

  • When you do narrow down your choice of a custom home builder, ask questions (ask many questions).  Your questions need to include their experience, past project referrals, and their capacity to complete your project home on time.

  • Finally, checking references, Google reviews, and other online reviews are great. However, nothing will beat honest feedback from previous clients.  The time spent on this exercise will reveal so much more than any online review will.

Why Binai Construction

Binai Construction is a custom home builder – we are not project home builders.

Our key strengths include;

  • Dedicated projects managers for each project

  • Quality design and finishes that align with our client’s needs

  • On-time and on-budget project completion – there are no hidden surprises, and any extras are consulted with the client

We have been building and delivering quality custom homes on the Upper North Shore – and we have been finalists in the Upper North Shore Business Awards.

Our experience and knowledge have been gained not just through ‘on the job’; rather, our team has formal qualifications in designing and building homes.

Finally, Binai Construction has a reputation for delivering complex solutions such as building on sloping blocks of land, building in bush-fire affected areas, building on soft ground and building on corner blocks.

For your next custom-home build project, contact Binai Construction.

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